Meet our professionals:

Bart Basi

Financial Analyst, Tax Expert
The Center for Financial Legal & Tax Planning, Inc.

Consultant Dr. Bart A. Basi works with companies to help them in six specific areas: strategizing for their company; valuing their company; transferring their company to family and third-party members; mergers and acquisitions; planning for retirement and estate planning; and knowing the tax aspects of their business decisions. After earning an accounting degree from Utica College of Syracuse University, he earned an MBA from Syracuse University, as well as a JD (law degree) from the University of Louisville and a PhD in Economics/ Accounting from Indiana University.

Barry Pruitt

Business Growth Consultant
Rhythm Systems

Author, educator, workshop facilitator, and consultant, Barry Pruitt helps CEOs and executive teams determine strategy and then drive business execution to achieve their goals and dreams of success. Barry’s experience includes work with AT&T, Dell Computer, Ford Motor, Johns Hopkins, Wal-Mart, and Walt Disney. He has hired, trained, coached, mentored and assessed over 300 employees for front line and management positions. Barry attended Clemson University and actively supports Pray America, a global organization focused on feeding and housing Mayan widows and orphans.

David Rendall

Rendall & Associates

Author, educator professional speaker, David Rendall has spoken to audiences on every inhabited continent. His clients include the US Air Force, Australian Government, and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft AT&T, United Health Group, Fannie Mae, and State Farm. He’s the author of four books including: “The Freak Factor” and “The Freak Factor for Kids.” Prior to becoming a speaker, he was a leadership professor and stand-up comedian. He also managed nonprofit enterprises that provided employment for people with disabilities.